Digest Movies: Apologies

I posted a week ago, saying “coming this week!” and haven’t posted since.  The week before that I said “I plan to write at least three reviews a week!”  Obviously that hasn’t been happening, either.  I apologize to my readers for my inconsistency, but since this blog is a hobby and not an actual responsibility or source of income it will sometimes lose priority to other things in my life.  Things like working, and trying to find a permanent job, and maintaining a household, or baking cauldron cakes and watching all 7 previous Harry Potter movies to prepare for the last one, or sleeping because I got home from the theater at 4:00 AM.  (You can see why this particular week was a little full).

I would like to keep my goal at posting two to three reviews a week, but it is a goal and not a promise.  I still intend to post the reviews I mentioned last week, (some of which are half-written drafts on my computer right now), for Larry Crowne, Project Nim, and Horrible Bosses. Other movies coming up will be Winnie the Pooh, A World Without Thieves, and Dan in Real Life (by request).

I will also be reviewing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, which I saw at the midnight showing, but I would like to see it again before I review it.  I did not even try to take notes and I could not actually hear many of the lines over the reactions of the (wonderful, enthusiastic, fellow die-hard fanatics) crowd.  And yes, I did dress up–I wore an authentic Ravenclaw replica robe.  Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure!

See Review you soon,


*update* I’ve decided not to review Project Nim, and my official excuse is because it is a documentary.  Happy to discuss it with anybody who is interested, though!  It was fascinating.


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