Trailer Tuesday 8.2.11

This week, Rise of the Planet of the Apes comes out!  I am very excited for it, even though last week’s highly anticipated (by me) film turned out to be not so great, (*cough* Cowboys and Aliens *cough*!).  The story looks very interesting, and I am looking forward to comparing Ceasar’s experience to real-life chimpanzee Nim, as document in Project Nim.  (Sorry, I decided not to review that one, but it’s really interesting and I recommend it). Also, people have already started raving about the CGI for this film.  And the motion capture for Ceasar was done by Andy Serkis, famous for his similar work in the role of Gollum in The Lord of the Rings.

Also coming out this week is The Change Up, a comedy starring Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds as men who get switched into each others’ bodies.  I’ve seen the red band trailer, and it looks like it will be pretty filthy joke-wise.  Also coming out this week are The Whistleblower and Bellflower, and I haven’t heard much about those.  The Whistleblower is based on a true story, though, and just watching the trailer is inspiring.  This woman is standing up to the lions of injustice:

Last week the first trailer for Battleship was released.  It looks about as stupid as you would guess that a show based on the classic board game (yes, really) would be.  This comes out in May 2012.

Last week Attack the Block had a very, very limited release, (only eight cities).  I have heard tons of hype about this movie.  I am hoping it opens near me soon.  Plot: Aliens invade South London, and the neighborhood youths fight back.  See for yourself:

Which movies are you most looking forward to?


4 thoughts on “Trailer Tuesday 8.2.11

  1. The Whistleblower looks like the one I’m most excited about of this group. The alien movies I can almost always to without and the Planet of the Apes looks…like something my husband will like. As far as Battleship goes, I hate it when I can’t tell what the movie is going to be ABOUT from a trailer. Don’t trail if there’s nothing to show…oh wait, maybe there isn’t anyway.

  2. I hadn’t seen The Whistleblower until today when I looked up what was coming out this week. It does look really good! I think you’re probably right about Battleship not really having much of a story to tell, it looks like it will be really stupid but it will probably make money anyway. I mean, people who liked Transformers will go see it…

  3. I think I might watch the alien one just because of the accents. 🙂 Actually, I’m afraid my intake of movie theater viewing is about to go down drastically thanks to a lovely thing called college. Or I could just visit pagelady when I want to see a movie?

    • I had the same thought about the accents alone being worth it. 🙂 You could totally visit pagelady whenever you wanted to watch a movie! But I’m sure you will actually see quite a few in the dorms, there will be so many neighboring DVD collections to choose from.

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