Digest Movies: Hiatus

well obviously i am falling behind on my reviews.  i do have several films that I’ve seen and am planning to review, but lately my life has been sort of in transition (new job) or just plain busy (hosting people, visiting people), so i’m giving myself a break.  i’ll just say i’m on hiatus until after labor day.  i’ll probably (hopefully!) post some reviews before then, though.  i am just aiming to be back on a semi-regular schedule by then.

i have created a twitter account (@DigestMovies) and linked it to this homepage, so you can see my recent tweets in the right sidebar for immediate reactions or upcoming viewing plans. you’re also welcome to tweet me requests or responses to my reviews, of course.

Here’s some of what I’m working on right now, to be posted whenever I get caught up on sleep and my life and household are a little more orderly:

Rise of the Planet of the Apes: AWESOME! loved it, amazing special effects, unexpectedly emotional, not just an action movie, good story (but not all that realistic of course).  I think the lesson to be learned here is, animals have feelings too, and we should not be cruel to them, even if they haven’t been exposed to cutting-edge medicines that greatly enhance their brainpowers and make them capable of expressing their feelings and retaliating.

The Help: so much controversy around this movie. not sure what my own position is. i think this film is worth seeing, though, and i hope it sparks conversation, research and thoughts on the issue (racism) and time period (civil rights era) beyond the theater. it has in me. the controversy almost deserves its own review.

True Grit: watched this again on DVD last week.  so many great characters, interesting dialects and quotable dialogue.  i’ve never seen the original so i don’t know how this remake compares, but i do like movies by the coen brothers.  they tend to have a lot of theology in them. this lesson in this movie is pretty much stated towards the beginning, “You must pay for everything in this world, one way and another. There is nothing free except the grace of God.” also, the proverb shown on screen at the opening, “The wicked flee when none pursueth. Proverbs 28:1”

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: I love this movie, i love the style, i love all the little gamer jokes, i think it’s really funny.  but i don’t really like scott pilgrim himself.  he’s pretty selfish and immature, isn’t he? and i kind of hate ramona.  she’s definitely selfish and immature. they deserve each other. i think this movie does confront the emotional fallout that always follows a relationship’s end. hopefully it makes people think about how they treat their dating partners…i guess scott probably does learn that by the end.

I’ve missed several movies these past few weeks, and i hope they are still in the theater when i get the chance to try to see them.  The Tree of Life and One Day are at the top of my list right now.  i’ve discovered The Immortals comes out the day after my birthday, so i’m hoping i like it as much as the trailers have led me to believe i will.  i’m very excited to see the first clips from The Hunger Games this weekend when they premiere at the mtv video awards show.  (actually i’ll probably watch them/it online shortly after they premiere when they get put on youtube. i don’t know if it’s going to be a trailer, teaser trailer, or clips. but anything will be exciting since it will be the first footage we’ve seen. great book, if you haven’t read it yet.)  I read an interesting article that quoted George Clooney on his thoughts about The Ides of March, which he is directing.  It’s about a political campaign but he said, “I don’t really find it to be a movie about politics…It’s about a guy doing anything to win at the cost of his soul. Those are universal themes you could play with in any genre or in any workplace. It’s just that the political arena is so much fun to work in.”  the article was in entertainment weekly’s august 19/26 edition, but i can’t find a link to it online right now.  that movie comes out in october.

okay, so that’s a movie update from me, and again, i’m sorry i haven’t been posting prompt and regular reviews, but i’m not sorry that i have a full life.




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