Trailer Tuesday 8.30.11

This weekend is a holiday weekend, but it’s not really one that’s known for big ticket sales at the theater.  There’s only one movie coming out this week that I want to see, which is just as well because I, like most people, will be traveling to visit people and might not have time to watch much anyway.

The one I’m interested in seeing is called The Debt.  It is a fictional story about three former Mossad agents and their dangerous mission.  There are two actors for each of the there main characters, one to portray their younger selves in flashback and one to play their current selves struggling to come to peace with what they did or didn’t do so many years before.  It’s a remake of an Israeli film, which I would really like to see, but I can’t find it on netflix.

The other movies coming out this week are Shark Week 3D and Apollo 18.  I have no interest in either of them.  But just this past Sunday we saw our very first glimpse of the The Hunger Games movie.  It was only a teaser trailer, but it was still exciting.  If you have not read the book series that this is based on yet, I highly recommend it.  If you would like to read my reaction and analysis post that I put up immediately after fist seeing it, click here.  This movie is still filming and is scheduled to hit theaters in March.

Another film I am looking forward to is War Horse, which is coming this December.  This is a film adaptation of a novel that has also been adapted as a play.  I would really love to see the play.  Entertainment Weekly ran a review a few months ago about how the animatronic horses for the stage were amazingly life-like. The Broadway production recently won the 2011 Tony award for Best Play.  I certainly hope the movie is as good as everyone says the play is.


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