Trailer Tuesday 9.13.11

I have yet to see either of the big new movies from last week, (Warrior and Contagion), and while I still want to see them at some point, the movie I am most looking forward to this week is The Lion King in 3D, which will be in theaters for only two weeks!  I mean, I know we’ve all seen it before, and I’m not really such a huge fan of 3D by itself, but I’m still excited.  Maybe because I haven’t seen The Lion King in a long time, and I do like it.  They sure picked the right song for this trailer, it’s probably the best one of the movie.  (Btw, did you know that this movie is loosely based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet?)

One of the new movies coming out this week, Drive, has gotten a lot of hype, but I still don’t really understand what it’s about.  Everybody who has seen it has been gushing about Ryan Gosling’s performance.  Maybe he’s the reason it’s so highly anticipated in some circles.

The other two movies for this weekend are Straw Dogs, a remake that looks like it’s going to be very violent, and I Don’t Know How She Does It, a comedy based on a book that I’m not really interested in, although I appreciate the central dilemma that many women face (torn between family and career).  I just don’t really like most comedies, I think it’s rare that they actually get deep and insightful even with a premise that could be so compelling, and also Sarah Jessica Parker is not my favorite.

But I am very much looking forward to Machine Gun Preacher, a movie with no clear U.S. release date yet that is based on the true story of a biker from the streets of Pittsburgh who converted to Christianity and then went to Sudan (you can read an article about the screenwriter’s interaction with real-life Sam Childers here.)  I don’t know if I think this is an example of God using somebody’s past, personality and experiences to be directed towards efforts in favor of the Kingdom of God, or if Childers’ sticking with violent conflict-resolution methods is a failure to become transformed into a new, Christ-like creation.  What do you think?  It’s hard to argue against protecting children, but does God want his people using machine guns?  James 1:27 says,

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

I guess I’m wondering if using guns to look after the orphans counts as being polluted by the world.  But I definitely want to see this movie either way.


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