DigestMovies: Re-evaluating Purpose and Goals

Guys, I do feel bad that I have not been consistently posting two to three reviews a week.  It actually does take me quite a bit of time to write a good review for this site.  If I were merely posting my immediate reactions, my overall analysis of the acting and plot and whether I enjoyed the movie or not and recommend it or not, I would most likely be able to post a review within 24 hours of seeing the movie.  But this site wasn’t created to be just another  person’s opinion on the internet; it’s supposed to be a place where I really analyze movies, not just react to them, and search for theological truths or untruths that are presented in them.  It does require a lot of thought, as well as research.  Sometimes I start out thinking of a particular verse or passage that  I could use, but after I read the passage in context I might see that it doesn’t actually fit, so I’ll have to think of a different scriptural reference.  Not all of my posts include scripture, but I think it’s better if they do.

This is what I propose: I am going to continue posting on this site, as regularly as I can.  I am going to change my stated goal from two to three reviews per week to one.  I think that is more manageable, and I won’t feel perpetually guilty about being behind that way.  If I see a movie in the theater opening weekend, I will try to post a review within the next week.  If that fails, I will try to post a review before it comes out on DVD.  Also, while I appreciate all of my readers, I know there aren’t that many of you right now, so I don’t feel a compelling need to post reviews of current movies as quickly as possible.  I don’t think anyone is really using this site as a way to decide whether or not to go to a movie in the theater.  I know some of you don’t read my reviews until you’ve seen the movie yourself. If you do value my opinion in deciding what to watch, my twitter (@DigestMovies) is much more up-to-date and I do try to tweet a reaction to everything that I watch.  If you wonder what I think of a movie I haven’t reviewed or tweeted about, just @reply me on twitter and I’ll let you know if I’ve seen it.

I did make an alteration to the About page.  It now suggests that the search bar can be used to look up a scripture or theme to see what movies I have reviewed that are relevant to it, instead of searching by title.  (You can still search by title as well.)  I thought it could be a good resource for people planning sermons, communion meditations, Sunday School lessons, youth groups or small group sessions, if you are looking for an illustration for your topic.  There might be a great movie comparison you could make.


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