Trailer Tuesday 11.15.11

I know, I’ve missed a lot of Tuesdays.  That means we have a lot of trailers to cover!  I’ll just include the ones I’m most excited about.

Yesterday morning the first full-length trailer for The Hunger Games was released!  I have already raved about and analyzed it on my pagelady blog.  This is an adaptation of the first in a trilogy by Suzanne Collins.  I absolutely recommend reading the books, and judging by this trailer it looks like the movies are on track to be nearly as good as their source material!  It probably helps that Collins wrote the first draft of the screenplay herself.

A trailer for Snow White and the Hunstman was released just last week.  It’s the first in a planned trilogy that is obviously taking some liberties and adding extensions to the familiar Grimm plot.  I thought it sounded pretty cool, and the concept art and costume stills released at this years Comic-Con also looked pretty cool.  Now that we have a trailer I’d say I’m definitely very excited to see this, it looks like it will be eipc, and the casting of Charlize Theron as the evil Queen could not have been more perfect.  I’m also a fan of Kristen Stewart as Snow White, and I hope that Christ Hemsworth (Thor!) does well as the Huntsman.

The Avengers.  Obviously I cannot wait for this one.  The continuation of the Marvel comics universe that we’ve seen brought to the screen so far with Iron Man, Iron Man II, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger.  (Oh, and I guess some Hulk movies, too).  One of my favorite directors is in charge of this, (Joss Whedon, master storyteller), and I have complete faith that I’m going to just love it.  Comes out May 4, 2012.

This past Friday the last of the Harry Potter films (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 2), came out on DVD.  The clip below is a trailer for the documentary When Harry Left Hogwarts, and it’s one of the special features if you get the Bluray combo pack.  (That’s the version I got, so I don’t know for sure whether it’s included on all other versions as well or not).  The film itself is very good, and the special features are high quality and incredibly enjoyable as well.  My favorite segment was The Women of Harry Potter.  It’s so nice that author J.K. Rowling is free to share more of her thoughts and insights with us now that the story is over and she’s not harboring any plot secrets anymore.

As far as what’s actually coming out in theaters this week, the big one is The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, which I plan to see at some point, but I am absolutely resolved to try to avoid the massive screaming crowds of opening weekend on that one.  I did the midnight screening for the last two, and it’s just…too much.  Too much screaming.  Way more than at a Harry Potter midnight screening, for instance.  Also this week, The Descendants, (staring George Clooney and getting early Oscar buzz, so of course I’ll see it), and Happy Feet Two, which I could really do without.

P.S. I know I changed my official goal to one review per week, but secretly I am still aiming for at least two.  Only this way, I’ll feel like an over-achiever if I meet my secret goal, and not like a slacker if I accidentally have a social life some weeks instead of hunching over my laptop every evening.



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