Trailer Tuesday 9.18.12

So many trailers today!  There are 5 movies coming out this week, four of which I want to see.  And we’ve been promised a new trailer for The Hobbit this week, which I will most likely post about on my pagelady blog, so look for that sometime tomorrow.

The movie that comes out this week which I will most likely not watch is House At The End Of The Street, a horror film staring Jennifer Lawrence.  I love that girl but I can’t stomach horror, so I’ll pass.

For those that like their movies with a lot of action and explosions are not so much story, this week offers Dredd 3D.  I guess it’s kind of a remake or a re-imagining of Judge Dredd, (which I have never seen).  Set in a dystopian future, the title character is appointed by whatever government exists to fill the roles of “judge, jury, and executioner.”  So, kind of like a vigilante, except that he’s not outside the law because that is the law for them.  I’m not anticipating it will actually have much plot.  But I could be surprised.

Next up, in the sentimental sports-drama category, is Trouble with the Curve Starring Clint Eastwood and not, as far as I know, an empty chair, it looks like it will be about struggling to cope with aging, struggling to repair dysfunctional family dynamics, getting Amy Adams’ character together with Justin Timberlake’s, and glorifying that all-American passtime of baseball.  It looks ok, I just can’t really get excited about this trailer for some reason.  It might be because I’m so annoyed with the cliche guy-jumps-into-water-while-girl-shrieks-and-laughs-on-date-symbolizing-he-is-impulsive-and-they-are-in-love bit, or because the song that accompanies this trailer was also over-used for the American women’s gymnastic blurbs during this years Olympics.

End of Watch is another drama debuting this week, but it looks a lot more intense than Trouble with the Curve.  It’s about two newbie cops who are enthusiastic about playing by the rules and bringing in bad guys, while the more experienced officers seem jaded and cynical.  Then, it looks like the rookies make a bust that interferes with some powerful cartels, and that’s when things get crazy.  Maybe they start to doubt themselves, or the right thing isn’t so clear?  I’m very excited for this movie.  Although, I’m afraid that one of them will die before the end.  Doesn’t it seem to foreshadow a bleak outcome?

Finally, The Perks of Being a Wallflower comes out this weekend as well.  I’ve been waiting for it for months, having read the book (of the same name, written by Stephen Chbosky who also directed this film) this summer.  It’s very well written and I felt like I could relate to a lot of the feelings of isolation and unpopularity that so many teenagers go through, the struggle to force yourself to participate in life and not just observe everyone else, and the joy of finding a circle of friends who accept you.  However, there are also a lot of really heavy topics woven into main character Charlie’s story–abuse, (both physical and sexual), drugs and alcohol, bullying and suicide are either witnessed or experienced by Charlie.  It’s very depressing at times, but I liked the book partly because it was just so beautifully written and at times uplifting.  I’m very interested to see how the movie adapts the story to film, and also I can’t wait to see Emma Watson in one of her firs significant non-Hermione roles.

I talked about this weeks’ movies in ascending order of how much I want to see them, so I’ll be voting for Perks, but what about you?  Which of these movies are you most excited to watch?


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