Trailer Tuesday 9.25.12

I had hoped to have my Brave review up yesterday, but was unable to finish because I got called in to do a last-minute babysitting job.  That was okay though, I used the money to buy the special edition Avengers DVD that just came out today!  (I’ll try to finish my Brave review tonight or tomorrow, and also write up The Words which I saw last weekend and loved.)

The movie I am most excited for this week is Looper, a time-traveling mind-bending action movie where a man is trying to kill his future self, or else save his past self?  Looks very interesting, if only for trying to untangle the time-tangled web.

Other films coming out this week are Hotel Transylvania, an animated tale about an overprotective vampire dad trying to protect his daughter from frightful humans, Won’t Back Down, an inspirational based-on-a-true-story drama about mothers fighting to give their kids’ a better education, and Pitch Perfect, a comedy about college acapella singing groups, which I’ve already admitted I really want to see.

But enough about this week’s movies; what I’m really excited for is The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey!  Part 1 of the adaptation of Tolkien Lord of the Rings prequel will debut on December 14, and the only reason I don’t have tickets yet is because they haven’t gone on sale.  Last Wednesday we got a new trailer, (which I have already analyzed elsewhere).  In case you haven’t seen it yet, here it is, (and check my other post if you want to see bonus footage):

While we’re talking about December, another highly anticipated film for that month is Les Miserables, which comes out on Christmas Day.  So far we had only seen this one teaser trailer (which was enough to sell me):

But now there is also a behind-the-scenes video about the process of filming this musical and how they had the actors singing for real in every take.  I am so incredibly excited for this movie!

And for a completely different genre, Django Unchained, (the latest from director Quentin Tarantino), opens on the same day as Les Miserables.  I want to see it too, but it won’t be for everyone.


2 thoughts on “Trailer Tuesday 9.25.12

  1. I just heard the hype about Les Mis this week too!! I’m so excited because I’ve only heard that story like a million times on the radio drama version I listened to growing up on cassette tape. Plus, I love all those actors, And they’re singing!!! Whoooot. So good. I also think I’m going to see the Django one too, catchy movie in the trailer and was that Leonardo DiCaprio I saw? Hobbits a given, feel like I need to read the book again though.

    • I’m definitely going to all three, too! The Hobbit book is only about 300 pages, you could easily read it over Thanksgiving break or something. I’m going to start working on midnight premiere costumes soon!

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