Trailer Tuesday 10.9.12

This week marks the release of the new film directed by (and starring) Ben Affleck, Argo. Based on a true story involving the Iran hostage crisis, it looks good and has already received Oscar buzz.  I don’t think it’s coming to my theater this weekend, but I hope it comes soon because I really want to see it.

Also new this week is Here Comes the Boom.  I’m not really eager to see this, I’m sure it will be fine but comedy’s not really my thing and the high-school-teacher-who-gets-into-MMA-for-the-money just reminds me of Joel Edgerton’s role in Warrior, which I would rather watch again instead of this.

Seven Psychopaths is about a group of petty criminals that make money by dog-napping and then returning the dogs for reward money from the distraught owners.  Of course they somehow get mixed up with hardcore criminals.  I can’t decide what I think of this movie, partly because I’ve heard next to nothing about it besides seeing the trailer.  I think I’m going to like Christopher Walken’s character, though.  “Put your hands up.” “No.” “But I’ve got a gun!” “I don’t care.”

Also in theaters this week is Sinister, (a scary movie so no thank you,) and Smashed, a small-budget film about an alcoholic married couple whose relationship struggles when the wife decides to quit drinking.  It looks really good, but I think it’s a limited release, too, so I don’t know when I’ll get to see it.

This week on DVD is Prometheus, one of my favorite films of the summer (even though it has a lot of flaws) because it sparked the most discussion and deep thought.  I’ve updated my review, since I wasn’t sure when I originally posted it what I thought of everything.  Also on DVD today is Rock of Ages, which I didn’t like, and The Raven, which I didn’t formally review, but must sadly report was mostly stupid despite the intriguing idea (Edgar Allan Poe (John Cusack) must help the police solve copy-cat murders inspired by the author’s writings.  By the end I didn’t even care about the reveal that answered the mystery; it was that bad.)
I’m pretty proud of myself for having posted two movie reviews each the past two weeks!  I don’t know if I can keep it up or not, but I’m definitely putting in a lot of effort on my blogs lately.  I’d still like to get reviews up for some of the movies I saw this past summer, and I’d like to review the Twilight films before the final installment comes out in November.


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