This site exists to break down (digest) my media intake (movies), because that’s how a healthy organism gleans the nourishment and gets rid of the waste.

It also exists because I like to watch movies and talk about them. So I will!  And maybe my opinions and reactions will be helpful to others, or will be the start of a great conversation.  So please feel free to comment!

I think that a little bit of truth can be found in nearly every story.

I like to refer to other stories when I am discussing whatever I have just seen, so if you don’t catch all the references, watch more movies and read more good books, I guess.  Or ask me to explain further in the comments.  (For an incomplete list of movies and shows that I love, check the FAQs).

I do try to warn if I am about to include an explicit **SPOILER ALERT**, but I am writing for the purpose of breaking down the ultimate message of a movie, so my general assumption is that people have already seen the film and can now think back on it.  That said, I do realize that many of you read these reviews as a way to inform your movie-going decisions, so, I try not to spoil too much.

All reviews are posted under the movie title, so you can use the search bar on the left of the homepage to search for a particular film.  You can also search for a particular verse or theme, to find out if I have reviewed any movies that go along with it.  Each post is also categorized by genre and MPAA rating, if you want to browse that way.  I’m adding to my collection of reviews all the time, so if there is something you don’t find that you would like to see, just suggest it in the comments.

Follow me on twitter, @thepagelady, to get notifications when I have a new post and also to see what I am currently watching or planning to review soon.

Thanks for reading!



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